Childhood Interrupted

Childhood Interrupted

The Complete Guide to PANDAS and PANS

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Childhood Interrupted

Childhood Interrupted: The Complete Guide to PANDAS and PANS


Childhood Interrupted: The Complete Guide to PANDAS and PANS

Childhood Interrupted

OCD, Tourette’s, ADHD, tics, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, hair pulling, bedwetting, changes in handwriting, mood swings, sleep disturbance, and a host of other behaviors are often the symptoms of an infection that has been overlooked.  The correct diagnosis may be PANDAS or PANS.  This book explains, calmly and clearly, how infections can trigger mental health disorders and what to do about it.  National medical experts explain how they might help your child.  Step by step, you will learn how to best advocate for your child and successfully navigate the complexities you will face. Comprehensive guidance is offered on treatment alternatives, choosing and working with doctors, addressing your child’s unique nutritional needs, achieving the right personal supports, and obtaining an education for your child during this difficult time.  Compelling personal stories and questions from parents, along with insights from the experts, are woven throughout the chapters.  For parents who feel as if their world has been turned upside down, Childhood Interrupted offers balance and a steady roadmap for recovery.  For providers wondering how to treat, Childhood Interrupted offers a wealth of information not available elsewhere, including an appendix containing the full text of interviews with experts who treat the disorder.

Praise for Childhood Interrupted

Once again Beth Maloney proves to us the power and passion of a parent with a sick child transcends any medical degree out there. In her first book Saving Sammy she eloquently and painstakingly outlined the tale of her own child’s experience with PANDAS in a way that enraptured readers while also providing immensely important information. In Childhood Interrupted she goes one step further – stepping into the doctor’s office with parents and providing the answers, explanations and treatment suggestions most doctors are unable or unwilling to provide at a terrifying time when confused and exhausted parents need concrete answers and an action plan. Knowledge is power and this is a must read for any parent or childhood educator. When a child’s demeanor seems to change overnight, or tics and behaviors appear where once there were none, perhaps there is a perfectly good explanation. Even better – there are things you can do. This book will ensure that you are ready to calmly and knowledgeably know how to proceed. There is hope and this book is the first step. God bless Beth for turning her family tragedy into advocacy for others. In many ways, I feel she saved the life our daughter who suffered from PANDAS. I only wish this book was in our arsenal at the time. Now I share it with everyone I know.

Although I am one of the experts whose advise is included, I have no financial stake in this book and I urge everyone interested in this clinical mystery (as potential patients, advocates or treaters) to read it twice. PANDAS is a puzzling condition, about which we do not know enough, but we have some sick and miserable kids here, my friends, and we need not know everything to do something. The “risks vs benefits” assessment often tells me to treat. This well-written guide is the only “how-to.”

Richard Livingston, M.D.

Childhood Interrupted is the only book I’ve found that guides families through the confusion of PANDAS and PANS- from diagnosis to recovery. It clearly explains what it is, treatments currently available, and how to work with doctors. It is a must-have resource for any family dealing with this disorder, as well as professionals who work with families impacted by PANDAS/PANS!

Kathy A.

Beth Maloney is THE national advocate for parents and children dealing with PANDAS and PANS. Having successfully guided her son to full recovery from PANDAS and subsequently dedicating her life to learning and sharing everything she can on the subject, no one has more knowledge on PANDAS and PANS and how to deal with it as it exists in the real world. This is a must read for anyone touched by or working with those touched by PANDAS and PANS.

James S.