CPSProtecting Your Child from CPS

Protecting Your Child from the Child Protection System

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Protecting Your Child from The Child Protection System

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Protecting Your Child from CPS

Protecting Your Child from The Child Protection System

What would you do if you thought the government was coming to take your child?  Protecting Your Child from the Child Protection System explains it all—what it is, the way it works, how to navigate your way through it. CPS was designed to intervene when children are in need, but it frequently oversteps that limited role to investigate and even remove children from safe families. Loving parents, who mean well, often do and say things that inadvertently make their situation worse. Mothers of medically complex children are particularly at risk of false accusations and facing the “medical kidnapping” of their children.

For those who may find themselves unjustly accused, this book will help. You will learn every step of the process and all about your rights including:

  • how a case begins
  • investigatory steps that may lead to legal proceedings
  • the statements and conduct that may backfire on parents
  • what are team meetings, assessments, substantiations, safety plans, reunification plans, and terminations of parental rights
  • the petition for custody and other legal filings
  • choosing a lawyer and the other members of your support team
  • what happens inside the courtroom
  • the roles of CPS caseworkers, child advocates, judges, doctors, and law enforcement
  • who are child abuse pediatricians
  • what happens if you cannot afford a lawyer
  • whether the government must let you know if it plans to take custody of your children
  • whether your children can be interviewed by CPS without your permission
  • whether you must let CPS into your home
  • the various reports of abuse that may be made against you
  • who generally makes such reports

This book shines light on a closed system. It provides you with the accurate information you need to make informed decisions and, hopefully, avoid the devastating consequences of CPS actions.

Praise for Protecting Your Child from the Child Protection System

This book is required reading for any caregiver with a child who has a medically complex diagnosis.

Andrew Baumel, MD, Framingham Pediatrics, Massachusetts

The effectiveness of Beth’s book and work comes through her professional expertise, and her ability to use words that the reader can identify with.  When we were headed for a collision course with CPS, Beth’s guidance helped me navigate our way to safety, and this book lays it all out.

L.B.S., Parent
I am eternally grateful to Beth.  I never imagined that these accusations could happen to good people who love and care for their children. Essential information for every parent.
C.S., Parent

When confronted by cases they don’t understand, physicians too quickly shift the blame to parents.  As a doctor helping medically complex children, I have seen just how fast a family can descend for years into the “guilty until proven innocent” CPS abyss.  Parents need the advice in these pages now.

Angela Tang, MD, Los Angeles, California

Beth has taken a very complicated topic and, by her writing style, made it accessible to anyone who doesn’t have a law degree.  It should be on the reference shelf of physicians, psychotherapists, and, yes, CPS professionals.

Sandy Berenbaum, LCSW, BCD, Connecticut

If there is even the slightest hint that you face the removal of a child from your home due to baseless claims of abuse or neglect, I hope you get this guide in hand, immediately.

Cindy Richetti, LMHC, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

As a clinician working with this population and as a parent facing the challenges of raising a medically complex child, I wish this book had come out when I first began my journey.  It is a must read.

Melissa Glynn-Hyman, LICSW, Co-Vice President of NEPANS, Member of Massachusetts DPH PANS/PANDAS Advisory Council
A must-read primer for parents seeking to understand and navigate the bureaucratic structures that were designed to protect their children, but sometimes work against them.
Kathleen Abou-Rjaily, PhD, Burlington, Massachusetts

This book offers valuable insight into the traps and pitfalls within a system claiming to protect children, and concrete steps parents can take to protect themselves from systemic harassment.

Jeff Levy, LCSW, GAL, Saco, Maine

When vindictive doctors came after us through CPS, it was the most terrifying thing we had ever experienced as parents.  Beth guided us through.  The help offered in this book may save entire families.

K.M., Parent

Essential guidance for parents of medically complex children about unjust accusations, steps they can take to head off such problems, and what to do if their family becomes ensnared in the legal process.  Highly recommend.

Dorothy Kupcha Leland, Co-author, When Your Child Has Lyme disease: A Parent’s Survival Guide, California

I don’t think there’s a day that goes by when I’m not thankful for all the help Beth gave us through our ordeal.  Thank you so much, Beth!!!

F.S., Parent