I will never forget the medical kidnapping case where a child abuse pediatrician put a happy face emoji in the record. She posted it in gleeful anticipation that a medically complex child would be “delivered to her doorstep.” Her glee was was repulsive, and I mention this incident on page 117 of PROTECTING YOUR CHILD. I was the family’s attorney, and the child was never delivered to her doorstep or anywhere else near her. But the battle it took to keep that child safe was monumental. I will never forget the jaw-dropping cruelty of that happy face emoji. This article points out that emojis become part of the legal record. As expected, this coward backed down when she realized that she would have to face me in a court room. But her happy face emoji remains etched into the record and my memory for all time — as well as framed in my office. https://www.statnews.com/2022/05/04/should-clinicians-use-emojis-when-communicating-with-each-other/