MOTHERS’ DAY was started by women in the 1870s who wanted to wrest political control from the men who had sent their sons into the carnage of the Civil War. Those women were no longer willing to be bystanders while others made decisions for them. Sound familiar?? Every single thing women have ever achieved has been a fight. Every. Single. Thing. From the right to vote, to the right for our children to be properly diagnosed and treated, to the right to raise our children free from the unreasonable governmental interference by those slinging false allegations of abuse–each of whom can do basically whatever they want due to “quasi-immunity.” It’s all been a battle. So, here’s what I’m celebrating for Mothers’ Empowerment Day. Having #1 kept a PANDAS child with their family and out of the clutches of CPS and a child abuse pediatrician, and #2 redirected the care which appears to have put that child on the path to recovery. Later today, I’ll be Zooming with my sons who are all on the west coast. All three are strong and healthy because I FOUGHT for them. Big changes coming. I can feel it.